One thought on “What is elbow joint effusion?

  1. CricketBug says:

    Effusion means a collection of fluid in a body cavity as a result of inflammation. ( There are many different things that could cause inflammation, such as tennis elbow or other various injuries, and the fluid (or effusion) is a symptom of that inflammation. I have seen some fairly serious fluid-filled joints heal completely, while others have to go to the doctor to repeatedly have the fluid drawn out of the joint with a needle. If it is "minimal," as you say, it may clear up on its own. It’s hard to say as I don’t know the details of your original injury. In doing some reseach online, however, I find that elbow effusion is often a sign of a fracture. I’m sure your doctor would have caught this, especially since you had an MRI, but here’s the website I was looking at. (

    Good luck! I hope it feels better soon.

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