Does this sound like a case of carpal tunnel syndrome?

I have recently had symptoms of what I think is carpal tunnel syndrom. Im getting some dull aching pain mostly in my thumb and index finger. They also have a slight burning sensation and the pain radiates through the center of my wrist and and acompanied by a tennis elbow type of feeling. The whole thing feels like a nerve pain. The only thing that took me by surprise, was how fast it came on. I have been doing medical transcription typing for about 7 months now. But I only type for a maximum of 2 hours a day and many times its not even that much. I know that typing is the number one cause of it, but it just didnt seem like I would get it from that much typing. I noticed about 2 weeks ago, my hands started to slightly ache from typing, but it would go away when i stopped. Then I feel like i woke up one morning and it just hurt, and ive had the pain for a little over a week now and its not improving at all. Does it sound like carpal tunnel for sure? If so, what can I do to improve it and also do you think its related directly to the tennis elbow feeling or would you think that is a separate problem?

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  1. frangul, 15 February, 2011

    Have you tried acupuncture? Most medical plans have them in network now. My husband had wrist pain that was fixed in one session. I have had everything else and it took 1 to 3 sessions. Good luck.

  2. Donnie, 15 February, 2011

    Hi, the joints, ligaments and tendons are all interconnected so it is possible that a pain in the wrist originates from your elbow or even from your neck.

    You need to be doing exercises that strenghten your ligaments and tendons such as holding a tennis ball in each hand and squeezing as hard as you can.

    Wish you good luck!!

  3. transhealthcare, 15 February, 2011

    Read some health related sites where some postures given while typing. Do some simple wrist exercises every 30 minutes. Just walk for one or two minutes. You will get relief.

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