weird feeling in arm after going to chiropractor?

Weird feeling in arm after going to chiropractor?
Went to chiropractor for back adjustment and ended up telling him about tennis elbow I have been dealing with. He did a minor adjustment on my arm by placing the palm up and pulling the arm toward him. since that visit I have had pain in my bicep and near or in my shoulder. It didnt hurt initially but seems to be aggravated now by swimming and push up style exercises. What could he have done??? A physical therapist and him both have told me that nothing major could have happened and that this pain should just go away but it is not going away and Im worried. What do you guys think happened and what should I do?

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  1. Lightning, 16 February, 2011

    Its likely to be local nerve irritation and should go away. Do give your chiropractor a call and report your concerns.
    If it doesn’t go away then have some further investigations.

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