Tenis elbow? Help please!!!?

I just started my varsity year of baseball and my arm is starting to hurt bad. Right where my elbow is but on top and I found out it might be tenis elbow from throwing too much. Does anyone know a sleeve that can help prevent the pain? Please let me know!!

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  1. jxhzut6156@sbcglobal.net, 17 February, 2011

    Do this immediately.

    Call a sports orthopedic specialist and schedule an appointment.

    We are not doctors here and any attempt to diagnose a medical problem by us could be and probably would be an endangerment to the health of your elbow.

    Tendinitis is nothing to fool around with.

  2. K-Dawg, 17 February, 2011

    Warm up before throwing and take it easy.

  3. chrisarrow222, 17 February, 2011

    No there is no case for a sleeve, it wouldn’t help.

    You need icing at least 30 mins after each throwing session..and you may need a week off.

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