really sore elbow/shoulder blade while running?

sometimes when i run 2-4 miles one of my arms starts to hurt really bad, around the shoulder blade area, it feels like a serious cramp or sharp pain and i have to stop running because of it. it goes away after walking a lap, but it is a major inconvenience. what causes this and how do i prevent it in the future?
it sometimes even alternates arms, i go easy on one arm and the other arm hurts. should i stop swinging my arms while i run and look like a fool?

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  1. DosCentavos, 17 February, 2011

    That sounds like a problem with your scalene muscles (neck/clavicular muscles) which tense up when you breathe to hard or tense your neck muscles, particularly during swimming or running.

    Push just behind your clavicle at the base of the neck and massage the area. If it is a neck muscle (can’t remember the name) you will feel a weird kind of pain going from the base of your neck, to between your shoulder blades and down the arm to the elbow possibly. It kinda feels like you’re hitting a nerve. Massage gently.

    When you run, drop your arms to your sides and flop them around to relax your shoulders. Try not to tense up your neck.

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