Tennis elbow:?

I just started playing tennis, whats a good way NOT to get tennis elbow, like things i should avoid.

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  1. phili, 19 February, 2011

    As a tennis professional, I come across people with tennis elbow day-in-day-out. The 2 most common ways of getting this tendom inflamation in my experience are:
    1. playing your forehand with a straight arm (your arm should be bent, apart from occasional time when you’re stretched out in an emergency)
    2. playing your one-handed backhand with the thumb up on the grip (it should instead be comfortably wrapped round the grip)

    There are many other things that can cause tennis elbow but those 2 are the most common

  2. scourgeoftheleft, 19 February, 2011

    Take lessons to learn the proper way to hold the racket and swing – especially the backhand.
    Also, invest in a good quality racket. You’ll enjoy the game much more with good equipment.

  3. damainavent, 19 February, 2011

    the best way is making sure that your grip is long enough. you usually get tennis elbow which is just severe tendonitis in your elbow and having a grip that doesn’t properly fit both your hands comfortably will go that to you.

    the other thing is technique. make sure you’re using proper technique with all your shots and you should be alright. tennis elbow though isn’t that big a deal and doesn’t hapeen that often unless your really careless. for the best advice ask the pro at your local tennis pro shop or sporting goods store. if you take lessons ( which I reccomend) ask your coach.

  4. cat, 19 February, 2011

    Before you play, stretch. Hold out your arm completely striat in front of you. Bend your fingers up and hold. Then bend your fingers down. Do this with both arms, and tennis elbow can be prevented.

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