tennis elbow why is no treatment working?

i have had tennis elbow for 12 weeks now and no tablets , physio or clasp helps why is this?

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  1. Maggie, 19 February, 2011


    Tennis elbow can be healed by applying a snug wrap-usually with velcro, around the forearm, with a small, firm "gel cushion" placed directly over the large muscle at the top of the forearm, right below your elbow..

    These wraps can be found in any pharmacy, usually in the aisle where the arch supports, wrist splints, etc. are.

    The muscle must rest in order to heal. The firm gel cushion puts pressure on this muscle so it can rest & release. You can also try ice alternating with heat to the area.

    It’s very important to avoid overuse of this arm until it is better.

    I’ve had it, & it takes patience. In severe cases, a doctor can give you a shot of cortisone to help this process along. This reduces swelling & pain, healing.

    Best of luck.

  2. CheesyPeas, 19 February, 2011

    I takes ages to sort it’s self out, but the good thing is it does.

  3. Payton, 19 February, 2011

    tennis elbow?I think you’d better slow your tennis for a while.But dont stop doning exercise.Take it easy

  4. Kernow Lady, 19 February, 2011

    It takes time to heal. I had a frozen shoulder (same sort of thing) I was told it could take 18 months to get better and it did.

  5. minootoo, 19 February, 2011

    See a Dr.

    Get a MRI and X’ ray done for sure evaluation.

    This injury takes a long time to heal even when there is no other damage like fracture. It also reoccurs on wink of an eye on slightest straining of the area.

    Cortisone and or calcium injection may be in order (ask the Dr. about it).
    Here is the General treatment in case of some injuries:

    1). Rest. (do not play sports and lift any thing heavy, go to a pharmacy or medical supply and ask for a elbow support, get it and use it all the time ).
    2). Cold and Hot compressions, alternately.
    3). Pain killers such as Aspirin/Tylenol.
    4). Vitamin B6 it help rejuvenate the tissues.
    5). Apply pain killer ointment and massage it lightly.

    After healing, do light stretching and slowly get in to usual routing step by step.

    Hope you have seen a Dr. and had a X’ Rayed taken, or had MRI done (preferably both). Make an appointment for a Dr. and if need be cancel it later in time to avoid visit fees, if you get batter in time.

    Treat the scratches with antibacterial. Like Bactine(it does not sting) or Equal, keep it covered and clean

  6. Slinky, 19 February, 2011

    Because they are treating the symptoms of the tennis elbow not fixing the damaged tissue.

    Try this

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