Is tennis elbow bad? What can I do so I can stop the twitching?

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  1. Diana D, 21 February, 2011

    Hi Sweety,
    I had something similar, only in my wrist, so I opted for the Cortisone Shot, which goes right into the bone, hurt like hell while the needle when in, but I’m tough! And it worked! Don’t know why they call it tennis elbow, called mine tennis wrist ha
    I don’t even play nor u. It all has to do with the tendon in r arm which will kill the spasms & pain for a yr, in my case yrs. If a lil
    5’1" 1/2 pint can stand the pain for a few hrs. so can you! Mine was from repetory work & u?
    Hope this helps my fellow tendon, but do it soon to kill pain +.
    LOL, Diana D P.S. Real bad if u let it cont….

  2. Lily, 21 February, 2011

    I had tennis elbow, but not from playing tennis!! It isn’t ‘bad’, there isn’t much you can do about it though. For me it took about 2 months to go away, every night I lay with it up against my chest and held an ice pack to my elbow.

    Throughout the whole of the 2 months it didn’t twitch though.

    Sorry I couldn’t really help. Good Luck!!:)

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