Tennis Elbow Pain?

I don’t play tennis so I don’t have tennis elbow because of that, I think it’s because I always put my elbow on a desk and then put my head on my hand because I’m bored or something

So, how do I get rid of the tennis elbow pain right now??it only hurt a little before, but now it hurts so bad! I can’t bend it, and I can’t even touch it a little without it hurting….

So what should I do, besides ice and medicine? I’m already gonna use those

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  1. Dr. Patrick V. Suglia, 21 February, 2011

    What is really happening is you are compressing the ulnar nerve. That is one bad pain to have, and if you keep using the posture you are using the outside part of your arms and hands will become weak. You need to change the way you sit, and use cushions to support your arms when you type.

  2. Pookie Poo on Deck, 21 February, 2011

    take some advil

  3. radtech57, 21 February, 2011

    I concur with the good doctor but also to stop the pain you can get an arm band that is used for this injury . As stupid as it sounds it works (I have the same issue) . I got mine from lifting weights. You can find that band at CVS or your local drug store with the foot inserts and knee braces. Just ask the pharmisist. Good luck!

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