Can I use my left hand in tennis ?

Ok I think I have a tennis elbow on my right arm which is my dominant I know I should stop playing tennis but I can’t and I could use my left hand so my question is I want to use western for my left but I use eastern for my right will my right hand suck when it recovers if I play western with my left.

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  1. Snow Prince, 22 February, 2011

    Tennis elbow isn’t really a reason to stop using your dominant hand. you can go to almost any gym and if you talk to the people there they can make a workout for you which will minimize the pain.

  2. tennis_gurly, 22 February, 2011

    i know a girl who broke her right hand and she didnt want to stop playing tennis for a long time so she started playing with her left hand!!!! And she is really really really really good!!!! SO I SAY GO FOR IT!!!! =]

  3. LethalPathogen, 22 February, 2011

    Well, to be honest, I think if you use two different grips on two different hands, it could be easy to get mixed up. One thing I would suggest doing first is trying to use eastern on your left hand before you try to use western. If you get good with eastern on your left, then you will retain that knowledge and still be able to apply to your right.

  4. nate_malone, 22 February, 2011

    I say give it a shot. I don’t think it will screw you up because it is your left hand. If anything it will make your backhand better once to get back to your normal skill after your tennis elbow goes way.

  5. Tingtong M, 22 February, 2011

    i play 1 handed on right hand and used to do 2 handed forehand but i changed to one. i play on my left hand with 1 handed fh and 2 handed backhand. i started left hand when my right arm hurted and it start to get bigger than my left ..which looked weird.

  6. Adam A, 22 February, 2011

    Don’t worry no it won’t and if you can train with your left then you’ll develop nitoryu(another term for ambidextrous)Kay.

  7. Rana T, 22 February, 2011

    of course u can, ur backhand is ur best friend when that happens, and ur forhand won’t be so bad if ur a two handed back person.
    it’s not very difficult at all actually

  8. Swordsman808, 22 February, 2011

    I’m a natural right-hander who played tennis for 4-5 years right-handed (two-handed backhand) and was #1 in my HS division. A couple years ago, I switched to lefty because I wanted to even out the size of my arms (had a case of popeye arm) and my hardcore competitive days of endless practice and tournaments were pretty much over ever since I entered "the real world."

    It took awhile but eventually my left-handed game got to near or about the level as my old right-handed game, and I have evenly muscular arms now! It took some time and it was hard at first, especially the serve but the mind and body is a product of repetition as much as natural genetics, if not more so.

    So it’s definitely possible but you gotta be willing to work hard and consistently, and you’ll seem really awkward for awhile. You’re gonna suck considerably from your right-handed game for a time and you’ll lose to people you would normally beat easily, but realistically, it can be done within a couple years time, maybe months if you’re extremely talented or determined!

    Like I said as a left-hander, I honestly think I’m just as technically good now as I ever was as a right-hander, the only little differences I’ve noticed is that my serve is slightly less powerful and lacks that little extra "attitude" my right-handed serve had, but I’m still working on that, but this in my opinion is made up for in the sheer power, consistency and "viciousness" of my two-handed backhand which is actually a two-handed forehand technically since it’s off my right and natural wing. My two-handed backhand is far better as a "lefty" than it ever was as a "righty," it’s just so much more fluid and natural. My left-handed forehand (one-handed) is about the same in quality as my right-handed forehand was in terms of power, accuracy and consistency, but now it has the "lefty spin factor" going for it! Volleys are also the same.

    I love when righties think "oh he’s a lefty so I’ll just do what he does to me and hit slice serves out wide on his backhand side" or they attack my backhand with constant crosscourt forehands. LOL! & I love seeing the look on their faces when I just step in and crank winner after winner off their slice serves and crosscourt forehands & watching their eyes pop outta their heads when the find out my two-handed "backhand" is even more powerful then their forehand! Then if they decide to go to my forehand they’re just going into my other deadly weapon only it has vicious lefty spin!

  9. Dave, 11 April, 2011

    Well, i once plaid tennis with a guy who used his left hand and it was really difficult.

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