What Happens If I Continue Activity With Tennis Elbow?

Lets just say I kept on doing the same activity that has caused the tennis elbow. I have been for 4 months since it has started. I do feel pain when I do activity still. Please no answers saying to rest, or other stupid answers.

What could happen? How can I still relieve the pain?

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  1. pepe poirot, 22 February, 2011

    It can get worse and even to the point when you won’t be able to do the activity.

    If by ‘activity’ you mean tennis strokes, you can try lowering the racket string tension. Use a lighter racket and have a softer grip on the racket handle will also help. If the problem is caused by pronation stress on the forehand, take more shots on the back hand. A two-handed backhand does not normally aggravate a tennis elbow.

  2. Damir, 22 February, 2011

    It will come to the point that you will not be able to use this arm for holding a cup of water, and recovery will take much longer

  3. whatsnot2adore, 22 February, 2011

    you have stained the muscle and it will get worse and worse. you can try icy hot or muscle relaxants, wrap it to support it during activites, ice it or and i know you dont want to hear this but rest it. saty off of it.

  4. Killik, 22 February, 2011

    Tennis elbow can take around 2 months to up to 2+ years to recover. You dont want to spend 2 or more years to recover or worse, irreversible injury. You should stop playing tennis and heal up. Recovery time depends on the person and how serious ur injury is. Not being able to play tennis for a few months to a couple of years is better than not being able to play tennis or use your arm properly for ever in future. Go see your doctor and follow his advices.

    If you really love the sport tennis and cant resist playing while in recovery. Try to use ur less dominant arm. You will suck alot but it will have to make do while u recover. And u will eventually get better.

  5. DG, Club Tennis Magazine, 22 February, 2011

    You can invest the time off the activity now or be forced to take 3 times the time later.

    I had "tennis elbow" from tendinitis in the arm. Kept playing with the arm band and then a full elbow support. Eventually, I couldn’t hold the racket let alone brush my hair. I had to take 4 weeks off and do some major Physical Therapy to get it back to semi-normal. Ended up loosening up my strings and changing my racket to a heavier one to help prevent reoccurence.

    That being said, it is noted on several sites that you don’t have to totally stop but just reduce the activity. I would suggest seeing a doctor to get a script to get some Physical Therapy on it. You will be amazed what they can do to help it out. Heat, ultrasound, infrared, deep massage and then ice. I had relief after the first treatment.

    I have learned how to massage the tendons in my forearm. A lot of times, not always, tennis elbow is actually caused by the muscles and tendons in the forearm pulling on the elbow bones.

    Telling you to chill out on the activity isn’t stupid. Not taking care of it is.

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