Do I Have Tennis Elbow?

I workout a lot, but for the past 5 months i havent been consistent, but definitely about 3 times a week, i do pullups, and other things, i go to taekwondo where we workout vigrously and it invloves the arms a lot.

But about 2 and a half months a go i was doing pullups and i decided to hold the pullup at the top because, i felt the burn in my arms and stomach, so i did 3 sets of 1 min, and a bout a day later, my left elbow started to hurt when i bend it fully in and flex…

What could this be?

I stopped working out for about a month, but i started again about a week ago, and i dont drink a lot milk either(if it has anything to do with my elbow)

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  1. Harry Moore, 22 February, 2011

    The cause for tennis elbow is repetitive movements of the arms, so there is a possibility. Tennis elbow is damage to the tendons in your forearm/around your shoulder joint – it isn’t bone related, so age or calcium intake isn’t a factor.

    Apply heat or ice to the affected area to reduce pain and any swelling – also take an anti-inflammatory such as ibuprofen to minimise the pain.

    For more information on causes and prevention visit the site below 🙂 I hope it helps

  2. Jordan, 22 February, 2011

    Both me and my brother had joint pain around this time in our lives. This is a time of growth and all that so you body is having to make adjustments and there may be more stress being placed on certain areas. Me and my brother both eventually grew out of it after a year or so, just took some pain and inflammation medicine.

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