Tennis Elbow Treatment

Are you sick and tired of your tennis elbow pain? You should know that there are several different tennis elbow treatment methods, we’ll discuss them below.

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Alternative, traditional tennis elbow treatment methods:

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation or TENS is a therapy designed to reduce the pain experienced from tennis elbow, the procedure involves applying a small electrical current to the affected area, TENS supposedly works by stimulating the nerve endings, thus reducing the pain experienced due to tennis elbow.

Another theory suggests that electrical stimulation produces endorphins that help reduce the pain.

Again there is not scientific data to support either claim, and people might experience pain loss due to placebo more than anything else.

Vibration therapy

Some people have claimed to have achieved reduction in pain, by having the affected area being gently vibrated. Again this may or may not work for all people and such is not a conventional technique in treating tennis elbow.


By directly applying calculated pressure in small circular motions, the affected area can experience greater blood flow, and the muscles may relax. However messaging the affected area might be painful sometimes, in which case no further message therapy is recommended.

Manual Therapy

Often called body works, manual therapy involves a trained professional carefully exercising the injured parts, and actually attempting to fix the marginally displaced bones, or tendons back in there place. This technique is often confused with replacing dislocated joints back in their sockets, manual therapy has nothing to do with the surgical technique just mentioned.

The idea behind manual therapy is to slowly mobilize the elbow, and to improve the blood circulation in the elbow. The over all effectiveness of manual therapy in the treatment of tennis elbow is yet unknown, however many people have reported to have been positively affected by manual therapy.

Irrespective of the techniques involved, if a patient feels that he wants to try therapy that is not in medical terms conventional, or feels that conventional medical techniques are not working for him. Then he could try one of the methods that are listed above, but he should be aware that some of the techniques listed might do more bad than good.

If you’ve tried any or all of the above treatment methods for tennis elbow but are still suffering, don’t give up hope! I have taught thousands of tennis elbow sufferers to beat tennis elbow using a simple, step-by-step tennis elbow treatment program from the comfort of home without any special exercise equipment. I urge you to act today and get started with my tennis elbow system. You’re tennis elbow will be gone in a lot sooner time than you thought!

Magnetic Tennis Elbow Brace

The magnetic tennis elbow brace, as well as other magnetic products, can be used as a pain preventive. It can be worn while playing tennis to keep the ions in the body from being rearranged.

And I Don’t Even Play Tennis

I got tennis elbow from lifting a WAY too heavy flower pot into the thingy with wheels so I don’t have to lift it anymore. After ice, some rest (I too, am not good with that R word) and the band/brace around my forearm […]

Inflammation Of The Tendons Epicondylitis

Inflammation of the tendon tissue is the most common condition affecting the elbow. Tennis players often suffer tennis elbow epicondylitis, as a result of pressure grip strain or due to backhand shots performed.

Tennis Elbow Therapy

Treat pain and inflammation quickly with total tendonitis relief. Tennis elbow is a slight tear or inflammation of the extensor carpi radialis […]

Tennis Elbow Magnet Therapy

Magnetic bracelets can help to relieve pain associated with, tennis elbow and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, shoulder pain, tennis elbow, tendonitis and bursitis, as well as helping to relieve the pains caused by arthritis and rheumatoid […]

Elbow Injury

Tennis Elbow, also known as Epicondylitis, associated with inflammation of tendons in elbow region. It has got its peculiar name as almost 50 percent of tennis players suffer from this problem.

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    Thanks for this nice review. I have hardly seen such a thorough review of different techniques to treat tennis elbow. After going digging deep into different tennis elbow treatment options, I have also realized that following a well organized tennis elbow exercise guide can give faster result.

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