why does my elbow hurt when I throw a football more that 30 yards?

My elbow doesn’t hurt on short passes just on the long passes? Is there any type of brace or any streches I can do to help this?

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  1. crazykat, 02 July, 2009

    You might want to think about seeing your doctor…it sounds like tendonitis….my husband did sports and had that problem they just gave him a shot and now he is fine.

  2. Louise, 02 July, 2009

    There may well be. Getting used to it will also help.

  3. sweet_thing, 02 July, 2009

    you might want to go to the doctor cause maybe you srain it or something or maybe you strected a muscle hope I helped

  4. TRAUMA, 02 July, 2009

    ask your couch and ask your sports doc

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