What To Do About Tendonitis/Tennis Elbow Caused By Weightlifting?

What can do about tendonitis/tennis elbow?  I have been lifting weights for upper body twice per week for about 2-3 years now, I lift heavy…most sets are 6-8 reps.

Lately, I have had serious elbow pain, particularly when my arm is bent. Is there a way to fix this problem aside from stopping lifting altogether?

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What To Do For Tendonitis

Is there something about my workout routine in particular that caused my problem? Too much pushing or pulling movement? Should I mix up the routine? Or is it just overuse in general? Seems to flare up most during chest exercises.

My routine is as follows, and has been the same for the entire 2-3 years that I’ve been lifting:

40 pushups to warm up
Flat barbell bench press, 3 sets (one light warmup, two heavy)
15 degree incline dumbell press, 2 sets
30 degree incilne dumbell press, 2 sets
45 degree incline dumbell press, 2 sets

Wide grip pull ups (palms facing out) to warm up
Wide grip pull ups with added weight, 2 sets
T-bar rows, 3 sets
Bent dumbbell rows, 2 sets

Side lateral raises, 3 sets
Smith machine shoulder press, 3 sets
Upright rows, 3 sets
Shrugs, 2 sets

I don’t do any isolated arm exercises.

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  1. Briauna, 26 July, 2009

    tendonitias isn’t fun, Im only 16 and I have it in my left wrist becuase I broke it 2ce in 5 months. Simply rest it for a while. Do soem simple streching exercises and take some advil or alive for the pain. Depending on our weight and what not you can take up to 3 advil. I’m 5’2 and I weigh 118lbs my doctor says IM OK to take 3 once then 2 every 6 hours. it helps…as for everything you do..you’re nuts. Im sure you look great but maybe take it a little easy on your elbow, knees and sholder..you can couse tares if you over strain it.

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