How can I make my shoulder more well developed and flexible for tennis?

I would like to make my shoulders more well developed and specifically more flexible for tennis. I am wanting this to contribute to increasing the height of my elbow on my racquet drop in my serve. What are some exercises and stretches that will accomplish this? Also, Pete Sampras’ shoulder was supposedly more well developed than most pitchers’, and he could touch his elbows together behind his back. Sampras was obviously an amazing natural athlete, but is this sort of flexibility impossible to reach for most people?

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  1. Mike V, 28 July, 2009

    Besides stretching before and after playing, swimming is a good way to increase strength in not just your shoulder, but your core muscles as well. Swimming is a good exercise that builds muscle without reducing flexibility, unlike weight lifting.

    As for other tips on increasing the height of your elbow, make sure your toss is plenty high over your head and out in front of you. Part of it depends on how tall you are (if you’re going for aces or big kick serves)

  2. tennislover, 28 July, 2009

    well just to clear something up to the guy that posted the answer that weight lifting takes away flexiblity that is not at all true!

    for one thing when u weight lift u make more blood flow to the muscle u make the muscle fibers expand to develop because the muscle growing is actually streching! and u can also strecth out your muscles before and after training so they do not get tight…

    and as well the ultimate way to get your shouders stronger is to weight train…..

    eat more protien for recovery and growth

  3. Sid, 28 July, 2009

    You can do some stretches and practice your forehand for a while because I live in Melbourne and take private lessons with this national level player at Rod Laver..And it has helped me a lot in the past 2 years..

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