I got injured at work in 2004, which has progressively resulted in tennis elbow in both of my arms today. I had both arms operated on this year to try to correct the tennis elbow. I hired a workers comp lawyer to help me along with the paperwork and hearings and stuff about my case. She told me that 1 year after my last surgery, the doctor will assess the degree of disability left in my arms and assign a monetary reward, and that after that reward is given that worker’s comp is no longer responsible to fund my injury. Is this correct? My arms are still not healed and I may have a problem with this for the rest of my life (God forbid). What if I need further physical therapy in the future, or am forced out of work again because it is flaring up, they won’t take any further responsibility after funding a reward? I don’t even want the reward, I want my arms healed, but if they need further treatment in the future, I want to know it will be there. Please let me know. Thanks!

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