I have tons of great, productive hobbies that I really enjoy, but they all involve sitting… playing piano, graphic design, prayer, TV, taking drives, etc. I’d just as soon be doing one of those during all my free time. But my body is starting to ache for no reason, I’m always tired, and I’m starting to have trouble sleeping. I need exercise! But I don’t really enjoy it and I have a really hard time making time for it. Mornings are basically out because I attend 7 a.m. Mass before work when I can drag myself out of bed for it. And I go to bed too late already.

I do like riding my bike, but 1) it doesn’t feel like it’s exercising enough muscles, and 2) I’ve been avoiding it because it hurts my arms (tennis/golfer’s elbow). How can I get some exercise into my day, without buying any expensive equipment, and keep doing it past the first two forced weeks?

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