Can 600mg of Ibuprofen per day ongoing harm adults?

I have been taking 600mg of Ibuprofen once per day to try and deal with tennis elbow. I have been doing this for almost a year now. I have also been taking 20mg of Celexa per day since 2006. I have never had any stomach issues of have I noticed any side effects. I feel relief from the tennis elbow now for the most part. Questios are: Can 600mg per day for a 51 yr. old male in good health do any physical harm to me? By the way, I do not drink alcohol. Also, how much does the Ibuprofen (if any) interfere with the activity of my Celexa? I am considering stopping the Ibuprofen because I believe it has help my tennis elbow. However, if the tennis elbow returns and it turns out that Ibuprofen is not good for my situation, is there something else that I could take for it? I am already aware of elbow bands or braces that help without taking a medication but I have not found one that works and or that does not come off while I am doing physical work.

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  1. Roddenberry, 15 August, 2009

    I taking 600mg tablets 3-4 times a day prescribed and it certainly has affected my stomach. But the slight problem it causes is better than the back pain I have been in.

  2. Diane, 15 August, 2009

    Large amounts of ibuprofen for long periods of time can be hard on the kidneys. ibuprofen is not metabolized by the liver, it goes straight to the kidneys. Maybe you need a second opinion on your tennis elbow.
    Have you seen an orthopedic specialist?

  3. RIffRaffMama, 15 August, 2009

    I believe that in time it can cause some people stomach ulcers, but that said, my doctor prescribed me up to 600mg of ibuprofen a day for a knee injury while I await an MRI and surgery, so they can’t be too concerned about it.

  4. vanessa, 15 August, 2009

    I have used ibuprofens for well over twenty years, one week a month up to 12 extra strenth per day. The stomache issues have finally caught up with me. I now am taking meds and alt health treatments for digestion but I now have a more appropriate pain treatment with minimum of ibuprofens.
    check your other options to manage the pain. consider adding acupuncture. ask your doctor and discuss all the meds etc that you’re taking, discuss alternatives. do your research befor yu qo, make a list of questions, keep asking until you’re satisfied..

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