Why does my elbow click and hurt when I punch?

Whenever I throw a punch my elbow clicks and hurts. I’m pretty sure it’s not from the way I punch cuz I know martial arts. But when I do the extension of the punch and straighten my arm it’s like my arm bends the elbow in. I have recently started working out weekly and could it be from an unbalanced amount of muscle or is there notxenough tissue or stuff between my bones?
Thanks I will appreciate any helpful answers.

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  1. Єlmer♣Fuddstien™, 18 August, 2009

    Have you been shadow boxing with weights in your hands? Likewise, have you been fully extending your elbows while shadow boxing? Those are 2 possible causes. Since you say that you’re recently started training, it seems to me that that’s the cause. Rest your bones, bro. Ice to dull the pain, heat to increase blood flow, thus speeding healing. And Ibuprofin as an anti-inflammatory. If you don’t notice improvement, go find a doctor.

  2. strawberries23, 18 August, 2009

    you probably been cracking it to much

  3. misslips, 18 August, 2009

    i use to do a little boxing and i had that problem. and usually its just the sudden jerk of that particular bone and joint. yeah that pain is no joke! what i did was some warm-up punches. do some that don’t extend the arm all the way. and then do some that extend the arm all the way but without a lot of power behind it. after that i was pretty good!!.. there’s this other thing that sounds weird but it might help…dont sleep on your arms! alot of times we tend to sleep with our our arms up under our face or under the pillow…but just try not to if u do…its weird but it works..lol…. if the cartilage in ur elbow was thinning or something u would have constant pain whenever u moved that joint.

  4. ( – _ – ), 18 August, 2009

    technique slow down

  5. Larkin, 18 August, 2009

    If you’ve ever caught a strong right hand on your glove when you’ve been in a defensive position, and experienced a sharp pain, it is possible that you sustained a hairline fracture in the elbow area, with some hyper-extension. This injury is continuously agitated as you throw long, extended punches. It helps to squelch the punch and not fully extend the arm (typically if you are doing that, it is a chance that you are punching at an out-of-range target anyway). I sustained this injury during my career, and I boxed through it. I took Aleeve before fights and it helped. I’ve been out of the game for nearly 7 years and still feel discomfort in that area from time to time. Good luck.

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