Tennis Elbow? I have had tennis elbow surgery in both arms. Will it heal and go away forever or am I stuck?

with it? My right arm was operated on in November and was doing well but now I feel it again with certain activity, and my left arm was done in March and is still not healed. This madness has gone on for three years. Please tell me there is hope!

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  1. droopydog, 18 August, 2009

    Tennis elbow? We are talking about Tendinitis here, correct? I had a severe case of that and I bit the bullet for about a year and it went away, the body has an amazing ability to heal itself given time, surgery should only be the last resort, it just causes more problems down the road.
    The quick fix and temporary relief provided by surgery turns into long term problems down the road.

  2. ftezel, 18 August, 2009

    lateral epicondilit(tennis elbow) is tendinit of the forearm extansor(dorsal) muscle tendons because of overusing or forcing. physiotherapy is the basic treatment. at physiotherapy cryotherapy ,laser, magnetic field.. are used and some egzercises are given. Surgery must be the last way. then You shouldn’t force your forearm dorsal muscles. some certain movements cause pain, like tennis back hand shot(as its name), trying to raise weight using your extansor forearm muscles… the basic point is the carefull using of the muscles with tendinit.

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