please how can i cure or get rid of tennis elbow?

aside from its pain, it really affected may game specially by backhand..can someone share his experience with this? thnks

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  1. 10isPlayer, 22 August, 2009

    To get rid of tennis elbow, you might have to stop or limit your activities that causes the pain. You should wrap a band around the forearm by the elbow to protect the injured muscles while they heal. I also recommend that you search on for a treatment that suits you.

  2. YodasTatoo, 22 August, 2009

    Stop masturbating all the time!

    Just kidding. I’m sure you haven’t heard that one. . . . .

    You need to stop playing until it is completely healed. Only then will it go away.

  3. keni, 22 August, 2009

    rest that arm. If you want to exercise, play tabletennis lefthanded, it is quite easy because a lot of the shots are backhand played in front of the body

  4. chowlprincess91, 22 August, 2009

    You will have to stop completley. Otherwise all you can do is wear a brace if it is bothering you!

  5. JC, 22 August, 2009

    The posts above me are right: You need to rest the arm for immediate relief from tennis elbow. If you’re an avid player, however, it’s not easy to be sidelined.

    That being said, you can do the following to help alleviate the pain: Icing your elbow 15-20 minutes 3-4 times a day; taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (like ibuprofin); wearing a forearm brace when playing; warming up the elbow prior to playing (running it under warm water or a heating pad); and researching to see if your technique, racquet, or string tension are contributory factors in your tennis elbow.

  6. Eratosthenes, 22 August, 2009

    See a doctor!!!

  7. marge146_emmanuel, 22 August, 2009

    you know, when it was my first time playing, i have experienced tennis elbows too.but after i followed my sisters advice to drink lots of milk and to sleep well, it disappeared!. well, at that time, i thought that my sister was only joking but when i followed her, i found out that it was true.
    i hope your tennis elbow will be ok soon!
    GOD BLESS!!!!!!!!!!11

  8. Tennis-Expert, 22 August, 2009

    The first thing to do is have a competent coach evaluate your game, particularly your backhand, as this is the stroke mostly responsible for tennis elbow pain. If your technique is poor, your coach will help you make the necessary changes.

    If it’s not your technique, chances are that your equipment is the problem. The more "yes’s" you give to the questions in the following checklist, the greater the chances that your equipment is to blame.

    Do you? . . .

    . . . use a racquet that’s light, but head-heavy?
    . . . use a racquet with a very small – or very large – grip?
    . . . use a racquet that’s exceptionally stiff?
    . . . have your racquets strung exceptionally tightly?
    . . . use strings that are hard and unforgiving?
    . . . use a racquet with a small sweet spot?
    . . . forget to use a vibration dampener?
    . . . use heavy balls?

    If you answered "yes" to some of the above questions, it’s likely that you could benefit from a change in equipment.

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