what is tennis elbow?

how to treat tennis elbow

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  1. guitarman, 23 August, 2009

    It is basically tendonitis. No need to get afraid or jumpy. There are different degrees and probably the best you can do is to ice your elbow and give it some rest. The causes are vibration from the racquet that can be solved by putting a shock dampener you can find it at the store if you don’t already use one. Also, if you have a heavy swing and a light racquet that can be putting too much strain on your elbow. Recomendation. Get a heavier racquet or adjust your swing to compensate for the lack of inertia your racquet is unable to produce due to it’s light constituency.

  2. C K, 23 August, 2009

    Tennis elbow is soreness in the elbow. It results from vibration of the arm when playing tennis. You can treat it with an ice pack after playing and motrin. When I played tennis, I would wear a bandage that helped absorb some of the vibration of playing tennis.

  3. Irene C, 23 August, 2009

    It is a strain of the mussels around the elbow. Usualy you get it from Tennis or Badminton. It is not the bone or the joint of the elbow!
    I got it a couple of times…. and you just rest it, that’s the only cure. I know I found having it was like the sensation of a dead arm and it lasted quite a while.
    I suppose the best thing you can do when playing sports is just take it easy if you feel it comming on…it worked for me! It is a sports injury!

    Hope it gets better soon!

  4. Lulu Jericho, 23 August, 2009

    Strain or overwork of muscles. Happens from using that muscle too much.

    To help this, do some gentle stretches before and after you play tennis.
    Also, get a support band for your arm to lessen the strain on your muscle.

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