Remedy for Tennis Elbow? Does it cure completely?

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  1. miss m, 25 August, 2009

    Tennis elbow is inflammation of the forearm tendons. The remedy is to minimise the inflammation with ice and rest to the inflammed part. Also support the part using elbow pads or splints. For permanent relief, the activities which cause the tendon inflammation need to be identified and stopped. A good therapist should be able to help identify those activities and modify your lifestyle.

  2. torinpeel, 25 August, 2009


  3. Dr. Deepak Sharma, 25 August, 2009

    it it 100% curable by homeopathy with some exercises

  4. geoffreysmallman700@btinternet.c, 25 August, 2009

    a chainsaw is quite good for it this is a remedy suggested
    by my friend take the arm off at the shoulder with the saw
    and you will never suffer from tennis elbow again guaranteed ,no seriously tennis elbow can be a very painful condition due to the tendons swelling, the other name for it is tendonitis if you excercise it will do you well to rest it and take some anti -inflammatory drugs also use anti-inflammatory creams and protect the elbow with a supportive bandage, this condition was with me for years and through constant treatment it got better. good luck !!!

  5. lightningfastfords, 25 August, 2009

    No no no no n o n o

  6. via4bruce, 25 August, 2009

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