question about tennis elbow?

hello i think i strained my elbow, my arm is just weak, but NO PAIN AT ALL, its like i have no strength on my arm. . anyways… my doc said it was no big, he was like dont worry about it, its not a tennis elbow, i think its just a strain. somethin like that. i think this is a big problem, because i play basketball, when i shoot, it kinda gives sharp pain in my elbow section, i cant really say its a pain, but still and the ball doesnt go that far because i have no strength of strained elbow. so i went to my doctor again, and he told me to take an xray of my elbow, the next day, doctor told me my elbow was perfectly fine, no break nothing. but i didnt get to ask him how long will it take to get my strength back. u think it’ll heal??? like get my strength back??

thanks guys.
so what ru sayin do i have tennis elbow or not?

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  1. nisss a, 25 August, 2009

    a tennis elbow is problem seen among people who play the game at a proffesional level for peroid of ten to fifteen years i doubt u can have it as u say u play basket ball however ur problem could well be gone if u give u elbow alil rest by abstaining from playing ur game for a month and two and then try throwing th ball through smaller distances and then later on using the full strenth and believe me the probelm will be gone

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