Tennis Elbow. The Achilles heel of tennis.?

You know what I’m talking about. That dreaded tennis elbow. Have you ever had any experience with this ailment or any sort of injury you sustained as a result of playing tennis? What caused it and what were the symptoms/signs you had this ailment? How’d you heal up?

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  1. DRL, 26 August, 2009

    Yes, most tennis players have experienced "tennis elbow" at least once (not to be confused with "golf balls"…j/k).
    I’ve found it’s primarily attrubuted to one’s serving motion.
    I first noticed the elbow pain when trying to overhit my serves by using too much wrist & elbow. I would do this when I would try to put extra spin on a kick serve.
    I’ve since adjusted my serving motion to where I bend my legs more. More leg action gives me more power (i.e. thrusting up & into the ball). This also gives my racquet speed a boost, which creates more spin.

    Once you have "tennis elbow", it does take 4-6 weeks (of not playing or at least, not serving) for it to heal.

    After it heals, it helps to wear a tennis elbow support. You can buy them at any sports store that sell tennis equipment.

    Bottom line, you should alter your serving motion to prevent it from happening again. I can’t give specifics, but obviously, you need to not put added stress on your wrist & elbow during your serving motion. Maybe hit more flat serves or slice serves; but take the pressure OFF of your wrist & elbow.

  2. Mamacita, 26 August, 2009

    Yeah it hurted a lot. It was swollen and i wrapped it in bandage and i use a hotpack on it. I slowly move it everyday because i needed to exercise that joint. Took me a month and a 1/2 but it was all better.

  3. tennishustle28, 26 August, 2009

    Yes I do know exactly what you are talking about. I have had an all to painful experience with it. I wouldn’t say it is the achilles heal (there are alot of worse injuries that you could sustain) because you mainly only get it if you hit the wrong way/or are not physically fit, but certainly anyone can get it,e ven those not in tennis, but i did get my tennis elbow (in both elbows!) from playing tennis.

    The first symptom i felt was just overall soreness in my elbows, and then it hurt when ever i touched them or bumped into something, bending was painful at times….the symptoms came and went depending on how much i played. but then my right elbow became worse to the point where i couldnt bend it without a good deal of pain…what i did to heal my elbows was, well of course ice/heat them. and i purchased a tennis elbow brace (can be bought at any drug store). The brace fits just below the elbow and its tighted, not too tight or it will cut of circulation. I’m not exactly sure the science behind the brace, i think it helps the muscle in your forearm/elbow which elminates pain.

    Hope that helps! Contact me if you have any further questions…

  4. Creon, 26 August, 2009

    It is a serious problem that require to pay attention immediately. At first – stop to play tennis for one or two months.Second – start to training your arm muscles. Change your technique or racquet (material or weight)

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