Strained muscle or Tennis elbow? I’m confused.. help.?

Hello, I’m 16 years old and a basketball player. Anyways, here is the story, it was like a year ago, I would play basketball every. One day, I shot the ball, and here comes the "oh shit" moment.. and it happened.. it wasnt painful but.. I dont know.. but I kept shooting, so I guess it wasnt painful much. Anyways, I didnt really pay attention to my injured elbow, but everyday, I could feel that my arm was getting weaker, but I ignored it. I stopped playing basketball but instead i played video games. But I iced my elbow while playing it. Wow I cant believe its been a year since I got the injury.. I’m really confused about my injury.. my family doctor says its elbow strain, but 1 of my massage threapist say its tennis elbow. and another one of my massage threapist say its elbow strain..and people on yahoo say I torned my muscle or tendon! Which I dont think so. My doctors and MT say I didnt torn my muscle..Ok lets say its a strain. but why is it taking so long time to heal?

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  1. Neeta M, 01 September, 2009

    you constantly use your elbow so it isn’t given the proper time to heal, as you use your elbow it is being injured a little more each time, something similar had happened to my knee

  2. miri, 01 September, 2009

    you need to rest it as much as possible and continue with therapy. The more activity you do longer it takes to heal.

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