the doctor says i have tennis elbow?

he said that the 2 weeks break from work i had at xmas should heal it but it hasnt ,i work in construction so im using my arms alot,i,ve been told by a workmate that a steroid injection should cure it does any one know anything about these things,thanks in advance…

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  1. Tom D, 03 September, 2009

    Tennis elbow is a term used for "lateral epicondylitis" in which the tendons of the wrist and finger extensor muscles attached are strained. This is located just to the side of the elbow. The steroid injection is cortisone which would reduce the inflammation. If the pain continues you may have an evulsion in which the force of the strain caused a rupture of the bone/tendon insertion which surgery will only help, this is the worse case senerio. An xray or MRI can pick that up. The most conservative approach is ice at the sore area, avoid excessive straining, tennis elbow bands, proper stretching and exercises. Your doctor will direct you

  2. Chantal E, 03 September, 2009

    well the tennis elbow is painfull. and u can put something on somesort of wrap if u go into a tennis place they have things for tennis elbow

  3. pkoildd, 03 September, 2009

    tennis elbow can last several years … depends on the seriousness’s of it… but in most casses it heals with in a month or so…. or even weeks

  4. ZerohourX, 03 September, 2009

    When my doctor told me I had tennis elbow…I said "that’s ridiculous! I don’t even play tennis!"

    I felt so dumb afterward.

  5. r_e_a_l_miles, 03 September, 2009

    Wear a elbow brace for all you physical activities.
    This gives it a lot of support with very little if any discomfort.
    Wear it until it is totally healed.
    Walgreen has a large selection.

  6. Bean, 03 September, 2009

    Chantal is correct this can be painful and there is a strap that you put on your forearm just below your elbow that will allow the injury to heal. If you go to a sporting goods store they will most likely have one of these straps. Taking an anti inflammatory and icing will also help with the discomfort. Do some gentle stretches when you have time…extend your arm out and turn your hand down and out this will stretch those muscles. If you continue to have problems see an orthopedic doctor he can help you out.

  7. scoutkitty, 03 September, 2009

    I don’t know if this is similiar, but I had chronic pain in my rotator cuff ( I got it by using a screwdriver relentlessly to get out a stripped screw from a curtain rod) The pain would not go away, even after months! A doc finally told me to take a regimented dose of ibuprofen for two weeks. I can’t remember exact dosage, but it was like 400mg three times a day, or something thereof. It worked! The steady dose reduces the swelling & inflammation and gives your body the chance to heal on its own. Worth a try maybe.

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