I need everybody’s opinion on this?

here’s my situation.

i have tennis elbow real bad. i’ve had it for about 3 yrs now but in the past few months, the pain has gotten unbearable.

i’ve already been in and out of physical therapy twice and have had 3 cortizone shots and neither worked. so i went to the doctor and told him that i think it’s time for surgery and he agreed.

but the problem is it’s a workmen’s comp issue and it has to go through approval which takes about 2 weeks to get. so i have to work in the meantime.

my job is very physical and requires alot of use of that arm. so having to work with this bad elbow is like torture but my job insists that i work 7 days a week.

they know my predicament and they know i’m in severe pain but they don’t care. when i try to explain it to them that i’m in pain, they kinda brush me off with the "suck it up and stop whining" attitude.

now here’s the worst part. meanwhile, i’m watching able bodied people getting days and weekends off and getting sent home early due to lack of work. but for me, instead of sending me home on slow days, they look for trivial things for me to do. doing "lighter" jobs is actually worse because it requires more movement and use of this arm.

am i in the wrong for being angry about this?

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  1. Mabel B, 03 September, 2009

    No, you are not wrong for being angry and your employers are being extremely unreasonable.

    This needs to be taken up with a solicitor or a citizens advice bureau, and also, put an entry in the accident book every time they make you do something that causes you pain.

    In the meantime, can’t you get a sick note from your doctor? You shouldn’t be doing anything that could worsen your condition.

    I have sufferred from tenosynivitis in the past (commonly known as RSI), tennis elbow is a form of RSI, and i know only too well how unsympathetic and unreasonable employers can be regarding such matters.

  2. rv84, 03 September, 2009

    dont do it!

  3. B G, 03 September, 2009


  4. kotyG, 03 September, 2009

    It sounds unfair and wrong, but unfortunately theres not much you can do about it unless you plan on quitting or getting fired. Yes, by all means, you have the RIGHT to be angry, but thats just to make the pain worse and the job more unbearable. So, no, you’re not wrong, but anger isn’t going to help much.

  5. Brittany W, 03 September, 2009

    no ok your boss sounds like a jack ass and my advice would be to quite but with things as bad as they are u probably wouldn’t fined another job easy so here’s what i say work maybe 5 days then call in sick 2 days or something like that.

  6. Delicious, 03 September, 2009

    Here’s the thing, Employers…HATE when employees file for "workers comp". It costs them.
    Perhaps they are hoping you’ll quit, and not file that claim.
    Even if you go through with the surgery, are you going to be able to survive on the minimal income provision during your recovery time?
    You can get angry, it’s not going to help though.
    With so many people losing their jobs across the country, you better just hope they arent trying to replace you, once you’ve filed this claim.
    Good luck, and get well soon.

  7. yudel, 03 September, 2009

    No, I’ve had the same type of thing done to me where they’d refuse to give me a day off, while others would call in with really lame excuses and get the day off. If your a good worker companies will try to abuse you.

    Does an elbow brace help any? You know steroids with long-chain esters may actually help you out by increasing the water retention in your joints. I know "someone" who had a bad knee that would hurt even when walking down stairs, and it would click all the time. The testosterone enanthate coupled with heavy weight training completely healed the knee and to this day it doesn’t bother "him" at all.

  8. Flouride, 03 September, 2009

    wow dude. that sucks big time. it sounds like you don’t work in a union shop. otherwise i’d advise you to report it to your union steward.

    if you don’t have a union then get a lawyer. i’d say this place is making it hard on you to force you to quit. or else they’re giving you work you can’t do so they can find an excuse to fire you.

  9. Maxi R, 03 September, 2009


  10. Leprechaun, 03 September, 2009

    Well you can’t accept it. I don’t know where you live but that’s unthinkable in my country.. Obviously you’re not in a union and that is what you have to change tomorrow. If not you can also go to the local newspaper and write about what the company is makes you do when you have told them that you experience physical pain.. that should be illegal in all of western Europe or just go straight up to your boss and tell him the consequences of not letting you get better before you go to the newspaper and the union. So go to someone you know that you think can help you get in touch with whatever union is right for you.. as i hope you know there’s a specific union for all lines of work.

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