tennis elbow, how do i get rid or treat it?

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  1. Ashkon: Ronaldinho JR, 07 September, 2009

    As a biomedical engineer, I’ve actually done research in a non-invasive method(known as extracorporeal shock wave therapy in treating tennis elbow).. Ironically, tennis elbow is a misnomer; only about 5% of people with tennis elbow play tennis. The injury can be caused by misuse/malignment of joints when using a hammer for example. This non-invasive method is still in the works but there are different treatment options you can do to reduce/eliminate pain associated tennis elbow include: immediately after the pain, ice for 15-20 minutes(not longer or you risk frostbite), cortisone injections or just anti-inflammatories. Take care and I hope your tennis elbow subsides.

  2. Emmy_07, 07 September, 2009

    I really don’t think you can. I had it a coupe of years ago and, i just had to sit out and keep ice on it.

  3. Mighty C, 07 September, 2009

    Stop playing Tennis?

  4. Charles L, 07 September, 2009

    Tennis elbo is caused by over use. relax the elbo,and massage thru out the day.It should go away within a few weeks.

  5. kay, 07 September, 2009

    tennis elbow is a bummer. You cant really get rid of it, but you can ease it and make it better. Try putting ice on it. I used one of thoes things that goes over bottles of wine to keep it cold. I dont know what they are called, but i hope you know what i mean.
    jus slipe it on your arm after it has been in the frazer.
    There are also specially made tennis elbow things for your arm. They have special electrodes in them that suposibly help heal your arm.

  6. T dog, 07 September, 2009

    You just have to wait it out and it takes about 5 weeks to heal.

  7. DarkCond0, 07 September, 2009

    Take a break from tennis for a while. If it’s serious tennis elbow, then really take a break for a bit. I had moderate tennis elbow, and a brace really helps, like this
    Apply ice a few times a day to reduce inflammation and it’ll null the pain.

  8. messtograves, 07 September, 2009

    Cortisone shot works, if it doesn’t you are in for a long rest.

  9. too4barbie, 07 September, 2009

    I have a friend who got acupunture n it never came back.It cost her $40.00 n that was it.

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