Will cycling make my tennis elbow worse?

I was playing tennis about 2 mouths ago and after the game all was good but about 2 days after it started to heart and two months later it still hearts so much.
I have not tried to play tennis as even picking up a book hearts so much.
However when cycling it dos not seem to heart. The only problem is that after I am cycling I do have a bit of extra pain.

My question is if I continue to cycle will this slow the healing down?

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  1. Rosaleen18, 07 September, 2009

    No, cycling will not slow down the healing process or make your elbow worse. In fact it will speed things up because your fitness level will increase. Take non inflamitory pain killers (ibruphon) they will help, tennis elbow takes a long time to get bett – as long as 3 months. I had it once from clipping a hedge.

  2. Abey c, 07 September, 2009

    the extra hurt can come from two things, leaning on that arm in a stiff position for a long time, like on the handlebars, and chill, like the wind passing over that arm when riding..
    when you ride, try to cover your elbow with either a sweatband or a heat patch…. try to avoid the drugs, cuz if you do end up stressing your elbow any further, you may not know it and keep on injuring yourself, cuz the drugs blocked the pain.

  3. jay, 07 September, 2009


  4. harmcat, 07 September, 2009

    yes, it will make it worst. the stiffness in your arm will get aggravated. better avoid cycling for at least a month or two.

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