Will windsurfing make my tennis elbow worse?

Will windsurfing make my tennis elbow worse?

I was playing tennis about 2 mouths ago and after the game all was good but about 2 days after it started to heart and two months later it still hearts so much.
I have not tried to play tennis as even picking up a book hearts so much.
However when windsurfing it dos not seem to heart. The only problem is that after I am windsurfing I do have a bit of extra pain.

My question is if I continue to windsurf will this slow the healing down?

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  1. CB, 09 September, 2009

    Tennis elbow is a repetitive stress injury. It’s caused by repeatedly compressing and stretching your elbow. Unless your pumping the sail on the windsurfer you shouldn’t be getting repetitive stress. I’ve never heard of windsurfer’s elbow, have you? You’re probably feeling the extra pain because you haven’t been using the tendons or muscles in the elbow and you’re also very conscious of any pain or stress to that area. Continue to windsurf, but if the old repetitive injury begins to get much worse you’ll have to stop.

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