Pain and script from Doctor?

have had bad lower back pain for about a year now and the doc has done xrays and urine tests and says nothing out of line? I ALSO have Tennis elbow, which really hurts! Have been on Vicodin 2/day, sometimes I need 3 or 4 and then i have to suffer other days because I am short on my script. I usually get them refilled every month with just a phone call. Now after a few months not seeing him, he wants a physical before he fills anymore. When I see him, should i tell him I need more than 2/day? Last time I seen him, he refered me to pysical therapy, but I cant afford that and dont have the time during the week to go. I recently got a script for vicoprofen from my dentist due to an abcess tooth and when the tooth problem was gone, i utilized the extras to help with my back. BTW- would that be considered doctor shopping? cuz i have two scripts.. ALSO does anyone know what physical therapy costs, because my insurance dont cover it.

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  1. gillianprowe, 10 September, 2009

    Tennis Elbow, pain killers will not cure! See if their is a local Pilate’s Class in your area and attend. I had Golfers elbow, had it injected several times until the Doc said ‘That is it!’ I went to Pilate’s for another problem: back and low and behold they cured the Golfers Elbow! I doubt the Doc will give you another script for pain killers. Good Luck

  2. emt1033, 10 September, 2009

    From personal experience I can tell you to stop the pain pills. It sounds like the physical dependence has already started. Your body naturally gains a tolerance to opiate medications and you will continue to need more and more in order to get pain relief. One of two things will happen: your doctor will stop writing prescriptions and "flag" your chart, which will put your body through withdrawl. The withdrawl is 10 times worse than any pain you could have-trust me!! Or your doctor will prescribe a stronger medication, which you will eventually build a tolerance to as well. It will be a continuous cycle until YOU look for another alternative. Something very popular for chronic back pain is receiving an epidural on an as needed basis from someone who specializes in back pain. I have referred my family and friends for this procedure and they have been able to lead notmal lives again without the narcotics. Check it out, what’s the worst that can happen, you’ll have back pain? There are many forms of exercise and meditation that could help as well. Good luck! The pain meds are narcotics, which is a synthetic form of heroin. You WILL become a "junky", just like the people using heroin and needles. It’s a fact and it should scare you enough to stop and find another alternative.

  3. Cindi W, 10 September, 2009

    Taking the Vicodin is like putting a bandaid on a wound that needs to be sutured. It does not take care of the problem!

    Most doctors will only prescribe Vicodin and other narcotics for a short period of time. The fear, of course is addiction.

    Most of what they do for your at PT (aside from ultrasound and massage) can be done at home. Check out the internet to find exercises to strengthen your back muscles (sometimes this will involve strengthening you stomach as well)

    Find a massage therapist (about $30–depending where you live) and have them concentrate on your low back.

    My PT cost $50 a session. Some will work with you for a lower amt if they know you do not have insurance to cover it.

    Get off the painkillers–Tylenol will reduce the inflammation without the narcotic effect.

    Use a heating pad to loosen the muscles.

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