Why does my elbow feel hurt?

I’ve just started playing tennis for 6 months now and not very good. But my wrist feels a little hurt. Why? And how to prevent it from happen again? How to cure it?
I’m sorry it’s my elbow. I dont play much but practice everyday. I’ve heard about some shock dampener but people told me they’re just fake. What can I do now?

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  1. guitarooman, 13 September, 2009

    Sry, first off, is it ur wrist that’s hurting, or ur elbow?

    Your elbow can hurt for several reasons, let’s see, from my experince it is the grip. That outer part of elbow bone hurts (also known as tennis elbow) is usually when u play a lot (unlikely) or when you have incorrect grip.

    Make sure, that especially when you are serving, the racket face is towards ur legs, and not flat and facing ur opponent, cuz you may thing that’s how u hit flat serves, it’s bad form and hurts elbows too. Then there are forehand grips, etc. etc. etc.


  2. Prince Nole Djokovic <3, 13 September, 2009

    i have no idea but see a doctor. I sprained my knee but dont have the time too stop playing because i need the practice.. Saw my doc and he explained what to do and got me a brace. Just see a doctor..! and i have a shock dampener and i love it and find that it works

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