Is windsurfing gowing to make my tennis elbow worse?I am only learning on a big board?

Is windsurfing gowing to make my tennis elbow worse?
I am only learning and do not use a harness and the board is a big learning board.
I was playing tennis about 2 mouths ago and after the game all was good but about 2 days after it started to heart and two months later it still hearts so much.
I have not tried to play tennis as even picking up a book hearts so much.
However when windsurfing it dos not seem to heart. The only problem is that after I am windsurfing I do have a bit of extra pain.

My question is if I continue to surf will this slow the healing down?

Hope Ken can see this one!

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  1. Tyler, 13 September, 2009

    first off, the word for windsurfing is continue to "sail" on it, not "surf"

    Anyway, depends on your form. If you have a big sail and are using your arm muscles to uphaul a big sail, that could be a problem. I get the impression that you’re not really windsurfing but just displacing with like a 4 meter sail in ten knot winds meaning completely underpowered where you don’t need to think of using a harness, that’s fine. Now, when the sail gets more powered up when you’re planing, I can see that getting a little bit more painful when you’re sheeting in.

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