I just had tennis elbow surgery on my left arm. I am right handed?

The doctor seems to think that 3 weeks healing time is enough. It took me 12 weeks for my right arm to heal from the same surgery. How can I get the doctor to keep me out of work long enough for my other arm to heal? I think I will need a full 12 weeks just like the other one. I go to see him tomorrow. Any suggestions???

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  1. bob shark, 17 September, 2009

    What do you do for work???
    If using your left arm is not a big part of your job, maybe you should be back at work.
    The doctor should know, if it is necessary to not work with the arm, or if it is completely healed, Sounds to me that you just want more paid time off.

  2. Nancy B, 17 September, 2009

    Ouch!! I had the Elbow surgery on my albow in 2003 it dont feel good at all.. i went to work one week after my surgery but did a light work it all i rather not stay home without pay..my Dr said i can go back to work but do a light work…:)
    He almost didnt want me to go to work yet until heal more , I told him i need money to pay bills.lol

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