help with tennis elbow?

i have had tennis elbow symptoms for nearly 6 months now, i went to the docs and had a shot (cortizone) and it went from bad to worse, the shot made my skin go really really thin and almost transparent. the pain has gotten worse and now is around the back of my elbow, in my bicep and down my wrist. the muscle above my elbow has completely gone and the pain is terrible. I have gone to a physio who has got me doing exercises to straighten it. although it hurts i do them, but the pain is even worse now aswell.
i am on a surgeons waiting list but that has beena couple months itself!
i dont know what else to do, im sick of my arm hurting.
what exacally is wrong? and what else can i do?
i got it from years of martial arts.. punching. if it has been 6 months and it hasnt healed, will it ever? im in soo much agony

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  1. barnicle bill, 22 September, 2009

    You have a form of tendinitis. Your fingers are probably numb too.All you can do is immobilize it and rest it. If you miss playng tennis,,try using your other arm. It can only improve your overall game

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