tennis elbow?

I recently got tennis elbow because I played tennis without an anti-shock. I began treating it by icing but this ended up causing me more pain even thought I did it for less than 15 minutes. What should I do to cure it and should i stop icing it? Any help would be great, thanks.

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  1. Billie77, 23 September, 2009

    definitely stop using Ice. You need to relax the muscles so use heat. If you have a heating pad use it or a hot water bottle or hot towels, for twenty minutes at a time, several times a day. Afterwards apply an analgesic balm. you should start feeling relief from the pain.

    If you don’t feel relief in a few days visit your medical doctor.

  2. nancy b, 23 September, 2009

    i had to end up getting a cortisone injection in mine to help. i only had to have one injection, and was so glad that i did!!!

  3. warisinsanity, 23 September, 2009

    take grape seed extract…

  4. Doc S, 23 September, 2009

    You can get a tennis elbow strap.

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