I need everybody’s opinion on this?

here’s my situation.

i have tennis elbow real bad. i’ve had it for about 3 yrs now but in the past few months, the pain has gotten unbearable.

i’ve already been in and out of physical therapy twice and have had 3 cortizone shots and neither worked. so i went to the doctor and told him that i think it’s time for surgery and he agreed.

but the problem is it’s a workmen’s comp issue and it has to go through approval which takes about 2 weeks to get. so i have to work in the meantime.

my job is very physical and requires alot of use of that arm. so having to work with this bad elbow is like torture but my job insists that i work 7 days a week.

they know my predicament and they know i’m in severe pain but they don’t care. when i try to explain it to them that i’m in pain, they kinda brush my off with the "suck it up and stop whining" attitude.

now here’s the worst part. meanwhile, i’m watching able bodied people getting days and weekends off and getting sent home early due to lack of work. but for me, instead of sending me home on slow days, they look for trivial things for me to do. doing "lighter" jobs is actually worse because it requires more movement and use of this arm.

am i in the wrong for being angry about this?

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  1. daffny, 27 September, 2009

    of course not !…i think you have every right!!!.. they’re mean people !
    i think you should either get a doctors letter explaining that you need to rest you arm and get a few weeks off…or just get another job. there’s no use suffering so much if your just going to be unhappy all the time.

  2. Wounded Duck, 27 September, 2009

    Such it up. You aren’t doing any more damage, and the surgery will require time off on WC. That doesn’t pay near as much as most people think. Use this time as an opportunity to build up some savings. You WILL need it.

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