When should ultraviolet/laser etc be used for Injury/sprain?

If something like Tennis elbow does not go despite resting and mild exercise, should radiation be used?

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  1. Biofreak, 03 October, 2009

    Hmm, that sounds like a question for the technician or doctor giving you light therapy. However, there is no reason for using UV light. All that is going to do is give you a sunburn. And cancer. UV would never penetrate deep enough to be useful for a sprain or joint pain. I would reconsider going to a place that suggested that, because they can’t know what they are doing, if that is what they are doing. Perhaps you meant infrared (IR), which makes more sense than UV, though is still of questionable value, in my opinion. None of those (UV, visible, nor IR) are going to penetrate below the upper layer of skin, so they just aren’t going to get to the problem (IR will penetrate the farthest). My guess is that any benefit received from any of this will be of the placebo sort.

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