Why does my right shoulder and right elbow hurt?

is there any way to treat it???it hurts when i do kung-fu and push-ups please help

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  1. someone’s mom, 04 October, 2009

    Oops. Sounds like an injury of some sort. Might try applying some ice to see if this gives you some relief, but might want to think about giving them a rest for a couple of weeks. And if they flare up after the rest period, might want to suspect tendon injuries for which you would need to see a professional.

    Good luck.

  2. theresadinoinmycloset, 04 October, 2009

    you may have simply developed tendinitis after continuous use of that arm. I advise you see an orthopedic. For now, you could take advil to suppress the pain before Kung-fu or working out. Maybe just give it a few days rest.

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