why does my elbow hurt when i play sports that include throwing help me please?

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  1. Spiffy, 12 October, 2009

    The same thing used to happen to me in baseball. I was told that I was overextending my elbow when I threw the ball, straining the elbow. Make sure to keep a slight bend in the elbow when throwing, and keep it angled outward. It shouldn’t be pointed forward when you let go of the ball. Some analysis of your technique should help.

    Also, be sure to warm up before you play. If you are hurting afterwards, apply some ice and pressure for 15 minutes at a time to relieve some of the pain and reduce inflammation of the joint.

    Take care!

  2. pazaway28, 12 October, 2009

    Maybe you thr0w it that hard that’s why it hurts, because your j0int in your elb0w gives a lot of f0rce,,

  3. lamo23x, 12 October, 2009

    If you’re getting a sore arm, you just aren’t throwing correctly.

    If you throw right, you could it there all day and throw a ball over and over and over and it would never hurt.

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