Anybody had tennis elbow?

How long it takes to heal?

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  1. wonh, 18 October, 2009

    I had a tennis elbow last year, it got to the point I could not hit more than 5 min. Took me about 6 months to heel. This is how I fixed it:

    Iced elbow 5 times a day.

    I researched and found the following racket specs are most comforting to elbow. So I switched my racket.
    – overall weight 11.oz +
    – head light
    – more flexible

    Also switched the strings from hybrid poly to full multi-filament. Then lowered the tension to mid range.

    Hope this helps!

  2. ?, 18 October, 2009

    it depends on how the deeper it is it can take a time of 1 week or 1 year but most probably it would take 8-10 months

  3. Ziel, 18 October, 2009

    It can stop giving you frequent pain if you take just a week off tennis. But it’ll take longer than that for it to truly go away. After just a week, if you play again, you’ll likely re-irritate it. Best advice is to ask a doctor. A doctor will be able to better evaluate the severity of the injury, and give you a better timeline of how long it might take to get better.

  4. Bobby, 18 October, 2009

    With rest it will usually get better in a month or two. If it is pretty bad, a doctor can give you a cortisone shot in the elbow which usually brings rapid relief. I had one myself a couple of weeks ago, and feel much better. I have also heard that acupuncture can help. Wear an elbow band below the elbow when you play in the future, and perhaps get a racquet which is more forgiving or looser strings.

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