I switched from machine curls to free weights but my elbow (joint) is still sore… any suggestions?

I want to keep working out too.

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  1. tehmpus, 20 October, 2009

    Sounds like you streached the ligament out too much on that one arm.

    The only good recommendation I have for you is to not exercise with that arm for another week while it heals.

    This is the only real answer for the tendonitis you apparently have. You can’t just do less weight or a different type of exercise. That tendon just needs a rest for a week. It’s happened to me plenty of times when I’ve lifted too much weight too fast. Believe it or not, sometimes your muscles are ready for more weight faster than the tendons/ligiments are.

    Be smart, take a break with that arm.

  2. Anna W, 20 October, 2009

    You need to get a trainer to check your form. You might be using too much weight. Try going down between 2 to 5 pounds and see if that helps. Don’t continue to hurt your joints. Over time, joint damage can cause crippling pain for the rest of your life.

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