A messed up health insurance issue and question, I will explain?

I had surgery on both arms for tennis elbow/tendinitis. My arms were not healing as fast as my doctors thought they should, so I asked my doctor for a prescription for deep tissue massage in my arms (to help the tendinitis). He gave me one and I called a licensed place that stated in the phone book that they do deep tissue massage therapy. I called them on the phone and made sure that they do this type of work and they said yes, no problem, just bring in my prescription to my first appt. So I did, and it ended up being a Chiropractors office which was clearly not set up for deep tissue massage on the arms. He has been working on my neck and back since end of August and at first at the end of each session he would pay some attention to my arms for about a minute. I questioned him about this because I was concerned about workers comp not paying the bill for a chiropractors office and he assured me that if they don’t that my Blue Choice will pay for it. He also said that he would
write me up a release stating that I would never see a bill from them (to ease my mind). I finally told him that I felt I was clearly in the wrong place, and he told me that the neck and arms are connected and that it would benefit me, so I continued to set up appts. I did however tell him though that I didn’t feel that this was the place for me as far as massage for my arms. He then asked one of the massage therapists that work in the same building with him come in and speak with me about how much it would cost me per 1/2 hour for the massage that I need for my arms! Oh yeah, and the letter of release that he gave me only states that I am not responsible for copays! I called the insurance company today and it is in review and they told me that if workers comp does not pay for it, I might have to go before a judge and jury, so I called the Chiropractor’s office and told him this and that I want a letter stating I will never see a bill and he is being testy with me. I am going to
go to my appointment today just so I can get that letter, but I don’t appreciate him making me out to me the a-hole when he clearly mislead me from the beginning just so he could get my business. What should I do if he doesn’t give me that letter and I end up having to waste my time with court and get a bill? I am really aggrivated. Not only has he wasted my time, but I did not get the deep tissue massage on my arms that I needed.

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  1. Glitter, 28 October, 2009

    So what is your question??
    he also said that he would……… what that is where it cuts off.

  2. kerosene1013, 28 October, 2009

    I would call your insurance company first and explain the situation just to make sure they will pay. Second, go back to your doctor and explain then get a new RX and ask if they could recommend a Therapist, if not I would do a little more research before I tuned over the script. So, obviously you really discontinue your sessions with the chiropractor and go see a real massage therapist that specializes ONLY in massages.

  3. D, 28 October, 2009

    Rule: you always get the OK from your health insurance FIRST before you start running up bills. This is very clearly stated in your paperwork. Otherwise YOU are responsible. Any fool can say, "Oh don’t worry about it," but they’re not the one paying the bill! Why would you go by what HE said, instead of checking with your insurance? That chiropractor is not your health insurance company.

  4. kattypitt, 28 October, 2009

    yeah you should do what the ins co says.

    any other questions or you just wanted to vent?

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