Hi my elbow hurt a little bit can you help me thanks?

I m training tennis intensively twice a day also doing my conditiong nad strength training,i woke up this morning and i noticed that my elbow hurt(its not so painfull just a little) i belive it s called golfers elbow because it hurt inside the elbow so i m wondering how many days i need to rest i m thinking to go to doctor or something,i put ice on elbow so how long it will take to heal,thanks

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  1. Jessica, 01 November, 2009

    It is interesting that your your tennis training you are experiencing pain on the inside of your elbow. I would guess that the problem is not the tennis but the strength training (which is good for you so you don’t have to slow down your training much unless it continues to get worse).

    First off, my guess is that you are flexing your wrist when you do strengthening exercises and not keeping the wrist in neutral. This is usually due to weakness of the muscle group you are exercising so you compensate by using your wrist flexors to help complete the reps/sets. What you will need to do is watch carefully during your lifting routine. If you are unable to complete all your reps with your wrist in neutral then reduce the number of reps you do. Remember that it is just as much about quality of movement as it is about quantity.

    The three things you need to do to help your elbow is ice, stretch and strengthen.
    1. You will want to ice the area to decrease the inflammation. 15 to 20 minutes on approximately every hour. You will want to do this for the next day to 3 days.
    2. Stretch. (make sure the arm muscles are warmed up first). Then place your arm strait out in front of you. Extend your wrist so you hand is up as if you are signaling someone to stop. Then using your other hand gently add some over pressure. This should not be painful. Do this for 30 sec, 3x each. (I would also do this in the other direction with your wrist flexed since you will want to stretch both sides)
    3. Strengthen. With a fairly light weight you will want to add wrist flexion and wrist extension strengthening. I would do reps of 10 to 16 and starting off with 1 set and increasing slowly to 3 over time. Remember light weight…you want to feel it but you don’t want to over do it….these are small muscles.

    If things don’t improve or get worse, make an appointment with your doctor. You can also ask for a referral for a physical therapist that can help with treating this problem while your continuing to train.

    Good luck

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