What is and how can you treat this type of pain in your elbow?

I have read about Tennis Elbow Pain and Golfer’s Elbow Pain, but I’m not sure of the causes compared to what I have.

I woke up the other morning and it felt like a nerve was caught between two bones in my elbow. I didn’t feel anything until I pulled my arm in. It felt like a nerve was caught between two bones and that they were squeezing it as they moved. I gently bent my arm back and forth, twisting my hand at the same time, thinking that I could get the nerve away from between the two bones.

Well, it worked a little bit, but I still had a slight pain throughout the day whenever I bent my arm. By the end of the day, the pain was "gone" and I had forgotten all about it. But when I woke up this morning, I had the same exact feeling in my arm and it has lasted all day, not as bad as when I woke up, but…

I work in the office and do very little manual labor, so I didn’t break a bone or anything. Does anyone have an explanation of this and some pointers on how I can get this to go away?


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  1. twisted, 01 November, 2009

    I have the nerve in my elbow messed up too.the doctor is talking about surgery but don’t know for sure yet.He said he might not because the surgery is very painful and it takes six weeks to heal.so if you keep on having this pain I would suggest to see a doctor.

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