Just over 15mths ago, I was in a RTA which left me with whiplash and tennis elbow. I’m in the process of claim

I have just been offered £3500 and am in the process of accepting- am I doing the right thing?
I believe my neck will be okay once I have strengthened it but am uncertain about the tennis elbow, its still only 70% better after 15mths and a course of physio.
Will the symptoms come back?
Am I selling myself short?
If I haven’t signed in acceptance and haven’t put any cheques in the bank- CAN I STILL HOLD OUT- for what my claim should be worth- if it should be more?
Will tennis elbow come back and haunt me and will I be susceptable to getting it again now I’ve had it once?

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  1. dee a, 02 November, 2009

    I would make them agree to pay for your car repairs as well as your medical bills plus the 3500. My best friend was rearended by a cop 2 years ago, and she ended up settling with him under these same requirements, although I think he paid her 5,000 if I’m not mistaken.

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