Elbow/Joint Pain?

I have started working out seriously and have been doing it for about 2-3 weeks, mostly upperbody.

Now, I have noticed, especially now, that after I workout, the parts of body arent often sore EXCEPT for the inside of my elbow like right on the joint. I dont know why this is? Maybe when I do my arm curls I am using this more than my bicep?

Also, maybe totally unrelated, my arms do not extend fully. Like from that same joint, they only can "stretch" so far and never to a full straight line.

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  1. oceanchick4043, 04 November, 2009

    Your elbow is made up of two tendons and a joint capsule. These may need to be stretched before you work out. If you still experience pain for an extended period of time call your doctor and ask what to do about the pain over the phone. This way you get a doctors perspective but don’t have to pay.
    Hope this helped somewhat.

  2. Missed Period, 06 April, 2011

    stretching is important before the game… now that you can’t do that, get a physical therapist… they give you a run for your money!

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