Why Is My Elbow Cracking/Popping?

All my joints crack, and I know there’s nothing wrong with that.. But, After I carry something heavy; my elbow kind of pops/like dislocates a little bit. It hurts, and it happens often. If I’m carrying my books or anything. A lot of the time it’s stiff, and it kind of feels like what I think arthritis might feel like.

I told my mom, since it’s been happening for a while, and she’s like it’s just tennis elbow. But I barely have any symptoms of that. It’s not bruised or swollen or anything.. I get sharp pains in it sometimes.. even if I’m doing nothing.

It was especially sore during softball.. which I’m sure may have been the cause..

But what can this be?

Sorry this is so long…
Again.. it’s not swollen, so I’m not going to take an anti-inflammatory

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7 thoughts on “Why Is My Elbow Cracking/Popping?

  1. its normal dont worry

  2. dont know

  3. ♥Pixii•Dust♥ says:

    ooooomg! i have the same problem.. if i strech my elbow back to far it cracks and it hurts.. and its been happening for a while and now i cant put my arm out all the way straight orit will hurt,,, and it does feel like what arthritis might feel like…. if u find any answers to what this might be… plz email me.

  4. Could be the result of an injury, lack of cartilage, or just air. Early onset arthritis is a distinct possibility but uncommon. Most of these, including arthritis, can be seen on an x-ray.

    Try an over the counter anti-inflammatory for a few days. If it doesn’t help, or it helps but the pain returns when you stop, see a doctor.

  5. You are fine. That happens in my knees. There is nothing wrong and nothing to fix.

  6. Mine is popping during the night when I go to straighten my arm and sometimes kind of aches like arthritis. Been told by the Dr. when it happened in the other arm that it’s tennis elbow. Taking aspirin at night, but it doesn’t always relieve it. It’s not terrible, but aches most of the time. Glad to know I’m not the only one with this problem.

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